What is hypnosis?

"Hypnosis" derives from the Greek "hypnos," the personification of sleep. Yet this is a slight misnomer because you are not asleep when you are hypnotized but in fact in a dual state of consciousness.

A trance state is a natural occurrence that you may well have experienced recently. A trance state enables the logical, everyday part of the brain to have a rest, while the imaginative side comes to the fore.


Hypnotherapy is about harnessing this creative state of mind to enable us to solve a variety of problems.

It can work more quickly than conventional therapy because of this privileged access to the subconscious mind.

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Weight Management

Build your confidence with weight management

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Fears & Phobias

Defeat your phobias with expert help

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Changing Habits

Smoking cessation sessions

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Life Coaching

Professional guidance by an expert 

Experiencing Anxiety?

If you are experiencing anxiety as a result of the pandemic and lockdown, or even at the prospect of life returning to "normal" please don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch and arrange a Discovery Call today to find out how Bluebird Coaching & Hypnotherapy can help you address your anxiety.

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Mr M Towers

Greenwich, SE London

"Having completed CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in the past as a treatment for depression, I was open to new forms of therapy to treat this ongoing condition. I met Joanna on a Wednesday afternoon for a 'getting to know you' session, and she instantly put me at ease with her softly spoken tone, knowledge in the field and understanding of my condition. At each hourly session she placed me into a trance-like state to help me visualize a future that would not be dominated by my mental health, and ways in which I could feel like I was tapping into more of my potential. In doing so she overcame with ease my initial concerns and scepticism about hypnotherapy and its effectiveness, and was highly professional in dealing with all the personal information I disclosed of my own free will to help enable this."

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L Culshaw

"I had no idea what hypnotherapy entailed, so was very glad to try a course with Joanna. What a revelation and what astonishing results. Initially I told Joanna I would like to cut down on drinking alcohol. We talked in depth and I entered a trance. It all sounds so simple but the results are amazing. I view alcohol in a totally different light and can take it or leave it. I am now in CONTROL! This has had a colossal knock-on effect. I am a much more confident person. My attitude to my choice and not doing things to please others has totally altered. As I feel better about myself my posture and general demeanor has improved. I’ve even noticed a new confidence/attitude when I play tennis! Following another session on chocolate, I have lost weight too, and find I can take or leave sweet things. Thanks to Joanna, I am in CONTROL on all fronts. Joanna gave me a sound file which I keep on my telephone. This is invaluable as it reinforces and reassures me. I thoroughly recommend a hypnotherapy course with Joanna. She has totally improved my wellbeing and my outlook on life. I can’t thank her enough."

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Helen Black

North London

"I visited Joanna to help with stress management and an inability to prioritise my own well-being. I had three appointments and each one made me feel valued and supported. Joanna spent time with me talking through a lot of the issues that I had and I felt that this was sensitive and useful. A real chance to share and realise what my thought processes had been. The hypno trance state was really relaxing and although fully relaxed, I knew that I was still in control. The whole process has helped me to evaluate my reasons for over eating and I have noticed that I do not feel controlled by food anymore. The trigger I learned to help deal with stress was really helpful and I have been able to use it discreetly in day-to-day situations. I have learned a lot through my therapy with Joanna and would not hesitate to return and learn more."

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Emma Bright

S London

"I can’t tell you enough of how brilliant hypnosis is. For me, it’s been a real journey of self-discovery, discovering who I am, looking at what’s been preventing me from living a peaceful life, and transforming that. Now I’m feeling stronger in myself and much happier and I know who I am. I feel so privileged to have had this experience, a true gift. I strongly recommend this wonderful form of therapy. I totally felt safe with Joanna and trusted her 100% to be able to assist me, be with me and go into my mind and heal it, incredible. Very professional."