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    Career Coaching

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    Digital Detoxing

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    Energy Levels

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    Exhaustion & Overwhelm

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    Family & Friendships

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    Fears & Phobias

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    Health & Well-being

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    Managing Workload

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    Pain Relief

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    Panic Attacks

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    Personal Development

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    Retirement & Redundancy

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    Smoking Cessation

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    Stress Management

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    Weight Management

Weight Management

Embrace the long-term health benefits of managing your weight

Need motivation to eat healthy and manage your weight? Contact Bluebird Coaching & Hypnotherapy in London.
We are not too far from Greenwich and Charlton.

Hypnosis to help you with weight loss

Why do we often struggle to stick with a diet, even though we know it’s good for us? We start well, but then do something to sabotage it. Consciously, you made the decision to lose weight. Subconsciously, you may be getting benefit from staying as you are and eating what you eat.

Hypnotherapy is different from other approaches to weight loss because it enables you to address your subconscious motivations. Once you do this, you can align your conscious and subconscious minds together in the service of your goals. With your subconscious mind on board, there is no more self-sabotage.

Grass in a field

Advantages of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis involves various techniques that work on your problem areas. Some good effects are:

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Motivation to achieve your goals

  • Confidence to embrace challenges

  • Address difficult issues in a safe space

Changing Habits

Smoking cessation sessions via video conferencing

The benefits of quitting smoking are well-documented. There is no healthy level of smoking. Quitting will dramatically reduce your risk of cardio-vascular disease. In the era of Covid-19, it makes even more sense to do all you can to protect your lungs. Studies show that hypnosis for quitting smoking is three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy. Get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy can help you to quit smoking once and for all.

Craving a cigarette?

Manage your cravings with the 4 Ds:

  • Delay: A craving lasts 3-5 minutes. Wait it out.
  • Drink: Pour yourself a glass of water or juice.
  • Distract: Remove yourself from the situation and do something else.
  • Deep breaths: Breather slowly and deeply; in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Learn to relax your mind – Managing stress and anxiety with hypnosis

Hypnosis can be a deeply relaxing experience for its own sake. Allowing the hypnotherapist to bring you into trance can feel pleasantly effortless. It can also be used as a tool to assist you in managing stress, both in the short and the long term. Everybody has times when stress feels overwhelming and many of us know the kinds of situations that trigger us. Using hypnosis, you can begin to reduce stress to manageable levels, so that you can feel on top of things and give of your best.

For me personally, long term stress can tip over into anxiety, or perhaps you feel you are just an anxious person and you don’t remember how it all began. Anxiety is a natural response of the body, enabling us to respond to potential dangers. But in the world we live in, it can feel as though we are constantly bombarded by threats to our physical safety and not least, our mental well-being. This causes our stress responses to be switched on all the time, and that’s exhausting. It’s not how we are meant to live. If you’ve experienced anxiety, you’ll know that it has very real physical effects on the body – the chest pain, the racing heart, the shallow breathing, or IBS. The good news is that with hypnosis, you can not only experience relief from these symptoms, but also begin to take control of how you feel in the long term, so that you are no longer at the mercy of your anxiety, but are free of it.

Fears & Phobias

Address your phobias with expert help

Whether it is a long-standing phobia or anxiety about a specific event, you don’t have to be imprisoned by your fear. Contact Bluebird Coaching & Hypnotherapy for help in tackling your difficulties head on.

Managing fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

Fear is a natural response to a threat. It’s the body’s system for protecting itself from danger.

A phobia is an extreme anxiety reaction to a particular stimulus. Phobias work at the level of the subconscious, which makes hypnosis such a perfect tool for addressing them. If you have a phobia, you may even plan your day around avoiding the stimulus, leading to a much more limited experience of life. For some, even the mere thought of the stimulus can provoke feelings of anxiety and the uncomfortable bodily sensations that go with it – the palpitations, the nausea. But that itself is a testament to the power of the mind! In hypnotherapy, we can use that power to build your confidence in a safe environment and gradually, in your own time, address those feelings and begin to bring them under your control. The result is that your phobia no longer has a crippling impact on your life.

Some common phobias that hypnotherapy can assist with:

  • Acrophobia: fear of heights.
  • Agoraphobia: a fear of crowded or open places, or places from which escape is difficult.
  • Arachnophobia: fear of spiders.
  • Aviophobia: fear of flying.
  • Claustrophobia: fear of confined spaces.
  • Cynophobia: fear of dogs.
  • Dentophobia: fear of the dentist.
  • Social phobia: fear of social interaction.
  • Tokophobia: fear of pregnancy
  • Trypanophobia: fear of hypodermic needles.

If one of these phobias is impacting your life, or if you suffer from a phobia which is not listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy can help you.


Have a query? Call us today!

If you have any questions about how hypnotherapy can benefit you, please contact us. We are based in Blackheath, SE London. All sessions currently take place via video conferencing on Zoom or Skype.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Nobody can really say the truth about what goes on during Past Life Regression and I wouldn’t claim to be able to. There are several fascinating theories behind it: -

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    Confabulation. The client imaginatively creates the experience, believing it to be true.

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    Genealogical memory. We inherit physical characteristic from our ancestors; is it also possible we inherit memories?

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    Mediumship. Does the client channel the memories of someone who has passed on?

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    Individual unconscious. Our unconscious mind can generate dream symbols during REM sleep. Could something similar be going on here?

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    Collective unconscious: Does the client draw from a human database of experience, or what Jung called the “collective unconscious”?

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    Akashic records. Are clients tapping into the energetic charge generated by human experience?

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    Reincarnation. Has our soul lived many existences before and does Past Life Regression Therapy enable us to access those memories?

In a way, the truth matters less than what you gain from the experience. The key word is “therapy.” Exploring what we call past lives is a fascinating journey in its own right. But what is the learning you derive from it and how can you apply that to your current life experiences? That’s where it gets really interesting!

Life Coaching

Professional guidance by an expert life coach

If you feel like a square peg in a round hole, Bluebird Coaching & Hypnotherapy can help you find a niche that is consistent not only with your skills and preferences but also your values. Get a Life MOT with Bluebird Coaching & Hypnotherapy and discover your personal targeted plan for getting the most out of your life.

Life Coaching FAQs

If you feel that you are not living up to your potential but don’t know what to change in your life, speak with our professional life coach. Life coaching helps you in tackling more than one issue; it supports and encourages you to make the most of your talents and circumstances. At Bluebird Coaching & Hypnotherapy, we can help you find your direction and meaning. Our establishment is based in Blackheath and we welcome clients from across London.

  • What is life coaching?

    Life coaching is a process that helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. It works on the principle that you already have the answers you need, but that two heads are better than one.

  • What happens in a life coaching session?

    It's a dialogue essentially; an opportunity for you to unpack your concerns and begin to forge a way forward.

  • What kind of things can I talk about?

    Anything. Professional, personal, spiritual or health issues, reducing negative habits or introducing positive ones...If you feel stuck, have doubts, ambitions, or you want to let go of what's holding you back, or you want to be the instigator of change rather than having life happen to you, then you may benefit from life coaching.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    A session lasts one hour. Some people find one is all they need. If you are undergoing a major life change you may benefit from several sessions. You can book a regular slot or book them on an ad hoc basis, as and when you need them. A course of life coaching is tailor-made to suit your needs.

  • Is it like counselling?

    A counsellor may help you explore your past in more depth. Coaching may do so only in so far as it may assist in removing obstacles to progress. Coaching looks to the future and is more goal-orientated.

  • Can I talk in confidence?

    Yes, of course. All conversations take place in private, one to one. No part of the discussion or personal details are divulged to third parties. For a copy of our privacy policy, please get in touch.

  • Where do sessions take place?

    At Butcher Curnow Opticians, 19 Tranquil Vale London SE3 0BU. If this is not convenient, get in touch. We may be able to arrange an alternative. I can also conduct sessions by phone, email, Skype & Zoom.

  • How much does it cost?

    A one-hour taster session costs £75.
    Concessions are available for students, OAPs and those on benefits*
    *Proof of status required.

We can also help you with:

  • Weight Management

  • Overcoming Phobias

  • Changing Habits

  • Reducing Insomnia